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We are so excited for your interest in this training opportunity offered by the Center for Indigenous Midwifery!  

For many, the role of midwifery assistant is a rite of passage and an acceptance of a new bundle of responsibilities.  In this Indigenous-centered training program- we hope to offer guidance as you learn these skills, share space with you in a nurturing environment, and do all we can to support you in service of your community.

Our intention & commitment towards improving perinatal outcomes, as well as the overall experiences of our focus communities, involves dedicating our efforts to increasing opportunities for birthing families to access culturally-matched care.  All trainers, guest midwives, and accepted students are also members of the communities we serve: Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and/or Queer/Trans folx.  

In addition to our full-week midwifery assistant training, we also offer a variety of one day skills workshops and other opportunities. These opportunities will be scheduled quarterly and you will be notified via email to sign up.  Once again, thank you for your interest and we hope to share space with you very soon!

 In community, Rhonda Lee Grantham, Center for Indigenous Midwifery
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This training is offered at no-cost, as a project of the Center for Indigenous Midwifery.  The intention of this training is for capacity building within the birth community-specifically for BIPOC and/or Q/T folks.  Do you identify as being a member of atleast one of these focus communities (Black, Indigenous, People of Color, Queer or Trans)? *
The midwifery assistant training is a full week, M-F, 9-5(ish) training.  Upcoming class dates and opportunities will be emailed to you.  Please note: attendance at all classes is required, as they build upon one another.  If you sign up, do you agree to arrive on time, with full intention of being available for the entirety of the training? *
In addition to difficulties due to COVID, this training must be held in small groups so that you can truly be supported as you gain skills (midwife to assistant ratio is approximately 1:3).  Due to this, we can only invite small handfuls of people per session.  Please check all that apply so that we can best prioritize our invites.  Thank you for understanding! *
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