Timber Wolf IC Part 2
I've had prototypes made of these two layouts, pictured below, but each of their layouts can be adjusted in small ways before final production. In particular, the left macro column and the entire right side can be re-organized, adding and moving keys.

The TBR-A is defined by the knob in the middle of the far right column, and the TBR-B is defined by having a separate cluster of 3 keys for Print Screen, Scroll Lock, and Pause at the top, with the nav cluster underneath.

The TBR-Prime layout is already locked in, so if you prefer that one and don't plan on buying either of these, you don't need to worry about filling this out

Feel free to tick only your favorite option, or all the ones you'd be cool with, or none if you're not down with that layout, and thanks.
TBR-Prime - locked in
TBR-A (top) and TBR-B (bot)
TBR-A Left Side
Captionless Image
TBR-A Right Side
Captionless Image
TBR-B Left Side
Captionless Image
TBR-B Right Side
Captionless Image
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