Self-Assessment Tool for Funding
Developed by: Mr Aftab Iqbal (Director PCDC)
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Please write below, your name, designation, department, organization's name, PTCL number, Mobile number, email and website address for further contact.
1 - Our organizational mission, vision, objectives and values are available in writing; and communicated to all stakeholders including beneficiaries and staff. *
2 - We understand local needs. We have written analysis of issues that we are aiming to address *
3 - We have relevant data and information about stakeholders to develop quality proposal *
4 - We have good research and writing skills for proposal development *
5 - Our team can effectively present the proposal to any donor *
6 -  Print and electronic copies of proposal are available with us *
7 - Our fund raising strategy has clear cut roles, targets and timelines *
8 - We have a governing body, which is elected through free, fair and transparent process with equal opportunity to everyone *
10 - Governing body is providing technical support and advice to ensure effectiveness and sustainability of various activities undertaken by the organization. *
9 - We have identified potential donors for our organization and ready to contact them. *
11 - Organizational systems are in place to regularly assess stakeholders needs *
12 - Findings of stakeholders needs assessments are regularly integrated into planning processes. *
13 - We  have an organizational structure which clearly defines the lines of authority and responsibility *
14 - We have sufficient paid and professional staff to support fundraising *
15 - Recruitment, procurement and other personal practices are clearly defined and followed within organization *
16 - Adequate office space is available for current level of operations and future expansions *
17 - We have annual targets and operational plans that are reviewed and updated regularly *
18 - Monitoring and evaluation system is in place to track progress against targets and measure effectiveness *
19 - We regularly share progress, report activities and disseminate results of evaluations to our staff and stakeholders *
20 - Budget is aligned with association’s priorities *
21 - Double entry accounting systems are followed *
22 - Adequate financial and inventory controls and procurement procedures exist and are implemented *
23 - Internal and external financial reviews are performed regularly to ensure transparency *
24 - Adequate financial resources are available for smooth functioning of the association at the current level for at least one year *
25 - Our members and other stakeholders (media houses, government, donors, civil society organizations, corporate groups etc) see us as valuable resource *
26 - We have active partnerships and networking arrangements with local and international bodies *
27 - We have leadership role in promoting coalitions, networks and other for a for advocacy and service delivery *
28 - We exchange resources with Government and private sector (training, technical assistance, material resources, others) *
29 - We are registered with government and regularly conducting financial audit for atleast three years *
30 - We have requisite contacts, knowledge and skills to conduct and engage in donor relations *
31 - Our operations and activities are supported by those whom we serve because the benefits are important to; and owned by them *
32 - We have partnerships with academic institutions like universities, research institutions, think tanks etc *
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