Online Order for Flowers from the Hmong Farmers of Pike Place Market
Thank you for supporting local Hmong Family Flower Farmers for the past 12 weeks!

We are so excited to announce our NEW, user friendly and beautiful website!!
Please take a look and use the website to place an order soon!

There are 75+ Hmong family farms in Western Washington whose income ceased due to the COVID-19 closure of Seattle's iconic Pike Place Market and farmers markets throughout the region. Without the Pike Place Market, these farmers do not have a channel to sell their seasonal commodity and are facing immediate and serious financial hardship. Please find, like and follow:
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On March 25th my very grassroots effort began in Capitol Hill with the modest goal of selling 50 dozen tulips from Hmong farmer, Vikki Cha. As a result of the overwhelming enthusiasm and support from my friends and the Seattle community along with Vikki's incredible coordination of the Hmong farmers, over 25,000 dozen tulips, daffodils, peonies, calla lilies and iris have been purchased totaling $400,000 to 52 Hmong family farms!

The goal continues to be: sell as many flowers as possible from as many independent Hmong family farms as possible as long as Pike's Place and Farmers' Markets are closed. At this point 52 Hmong farms have supplied flowers and we are hoping to reach 75+ family farms, if possible. I am receiving incredible support from old friends and new to create distribution points throughout the Seattle area and manage the high-volume demand from the Seattle community at large.

The ground swell of support has been heartwarming, contagious and reassuring! During this time of so much dire, frightening and heart-wrenching news, the knowledge that we are helping a vulnerable group of minority farmers in our community along with sharing the beauty and brightness of these world-famous flowers is a needed and welcome relief.

Initially people came for a dozen or two tulips for themselves, but as word spread (fast!), people were returning and increasing their orders; purchasing dozens to share with or on the behalf of friends, family and neighbors. Several people have told us that they are buying extra bouquets for other important people in our city - the first-responders in health care, service providers such as mail-people, bus drivers, trash collectors, and even strangers walking down the street...spreading joy and love through Flower Power!

There is a 2 dozen per order minimum because processing thousands of single orders just isn't feasible. If you put out the word to your friends, colleagues and neighbors you will be surprised how fast you can find people to join you in reaching and surpassing the minimum.

Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email confirmation with time and location of pick-up. Please note that the windows of time available for pick-up must be specific (and agreed upon) as we cannot be available all day for people to arrive. If the established pick-up time is missed w/o notification or communication received from buyer the flowers will be donated and the money will NOT be refunded.

I am working hard to streamline the order and distribution process - while hosting my daily makeshift market :) - to ensure that we can manage the supply and demand while operating within the guidelines of Shelter in Place and sustain the energy/ability to maintain this operation for as long as the Pike Place Market is closed. I am a photographer and social entrepreneur, so please understand and have patience! All of it is a work in progress and I am moving as quick as possible to get as many of the available flowers distributed as soon as possible. I welcome constructive feedback and any questions below!

Thank you in advance for your support, love of Seattle's iconic Hmong farmers' flowers and spreading love, joy and hope throughout our community.
Much love,
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