Summer Dessert Party 4-9pm Nov 4th 2017

Saturday November 4th
Location- Blank Space

Summer Dessert Party will present an assortment of sweet delights ranging from old fashion lollies to extravagant desserts.The space will be styled appropriately creating a sweet lovers wonderland.
Our aim is to move away from the traditional market concept and create a Dessert Extravaganza for patrons to remember.

Seeking businesses specialising in delicious creation- Cupcakes, Donuts, Brownie Sundaes, Fudge, Pop Corn, Fairy Floss, Cheesecakes, Crepes, Loaded shakes, Macaroons, Ice Cream Platters, Lolly Bar, Sweet inspired Cocktails.
Businesses are encouraged to create a SIGNATURE Dessert Offering
Expecting in excess of 1000 people. Entry Tickets will be sold.

We require businesses to elevate their products and offer a "Signature" Dish that reflects summer.

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We give priority to businesses from the Darling Downs Region
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Description of menu- please take portion size and cost into consideration. Customers will potentially want to sample many desserts. *
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What will make your Sweet offering different, explain your Signature dessert Dish? *
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Our aim is to create a memorable event not just another market. Businesses should creatively display their desserts and serve them in an interesting way. Please explain how you will achieve this.
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Shared stalls will be considered if you would like to team up with another business.
Public Liability Insurance (Insurer and Date required)
All stalls require PB Liability cover. We do not offer individual cover in our fees. Please also email us a copy of your insurance PLEASE ALSO WRITE YOUR INSURER DETAILS BELOW.
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Food Licencing Certificate (Council issued) Please also email us your licences and have them on hand at the event *
Power Requirements *
Electrical item- Tag and Test Required for any electrical appliance or equipment used *
Gas equipment- Compliance cert
Stall fees are $150 per 3x3 space including power
Terms & Conditions
Reading and understanding the Terms and Conditions is a condition of applying to THE ORIGINAL MIX Markets

General (where applicable)
1. All products being sold must be high quality boutique, designer, handcrafted or artisan made.
We will not accept cheap quality products to be sold.
1.1 It is to our discretion, that if you sell commercially manufactured products and we deem them fit for the overall feel of the market, you may be considered as a stall holder. The Market Organisers will make this decision where necessary.
. All gazebo, shelters and umbrellas must be secured appropriately. We request all shade covers are structurally sound and are not torn or ripped. We are a Boutique market and we strive to set a high standard of presentation.
2.1 Please use pegs or water weights. No Guide ropes.
2.2 Professional signage is requested. No cardboard signs.

3. On arrival we ask that you locate a Market Co-ordinator so we can direct you to the correct site and mark you off our stall holders list.

4. We will not tolerate rude or obscene remarks towards another stall holder, the public or market management.
4.1 We will not tolerate drunk and disorderly patrons.
4.2 We will not tolerate offensive clothing.

5. We are open for stallholders to network and collaborate at our events however; any outside soliciting is strictly prohibited.

6. You must contain your products to your designated stall space. Tables must be covered with long table clothes. Boxes to be stored neatly or out of sight.
6.1 Stallholders are responsible for keeping their site and surrounding area clean and tidy. Boxes & cartons/ rubbish must be removed from the market area.
6.2 Please be aware that any damage caused within your designated area to lawns, gardens, footpaths etc may result in an incurrence of fines which you will be liable to pay.

7. Stall operators must not play music or use speakers for promotional reasons.

8. Bad Weather (wind, storms, heavy rain, flooding) - no credits, transfers or refunds will be issued in the case of bad weather. The market will trade in all reasonable weather conditions. By paying your site fee you are agreeing to this condition. If for any reason we do not trade you will be notified by Phone, Facebook or email. We will strive to notify everyone within 5 hours of an events intended start time. We will not be held accountable for any travel costs, loss or product or loss of wages as a result of cancelling the event.
8.1 If you have paid your stall fee and cancel your booking within 14 days of the market date you will not be refunded. However, a refund or transfer may be allowed under extreme circumstances and we will review your request.
8.2 No refunds will be given for non-attendance.
8.3 Markets & Events cost money to run. Expenses include insurances, promotion, pre planning staffing costs, Paid advertising, printing, signage, corflute's, venue hire & bonds, licences & permits, equipment hire, sub contractors, musicians etc These costs need to be allocated before the event is held. This is why we have a strict policy in regards to refunding stall fees.

9- Approximate attendee numbers are only provided as a gauge. Markets are a tough game and there can be many factors that contribute to having a good day or bad day in sales. The Original Mix markets provide you with a platform to sell your products only and can not guarantee product sales.

10. THE ORIGINAL MIX Designer Markets accepts no responsibility for damages to persons or goods. We will not be held accountable for any trademark, copyright or safety infringements. We do not give any stall holder exclusive product rights to our market nor should you as the stall holder expect this.
10.1 It is the responsibility of the stall holder to ensure that they conform to any Australian standards, ACC, pertaining to their product. Food Licensing and Labelling.

11. Arrival information highlighting Bump in and Bump out times will be sent in a separate email.
11.1-Cars are not allowed to be driven on any footpath/walkway/restricted areas unless authorised
11.2 Stallholders must avoid parking in car parks that could be used by customers.
11.3 Please do not pack up until after the advertised closing time as this creates uncertainties with the General public and is disrespectful to the market as a whole

Please refer back to the application form and mark your name and date to confirm you have read this document

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The Original Mix Co.
Creative Events Company
Event Organisers- Amie Johnson
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Instagram- theoriginalmix
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