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Excellent! You've found your way so far! Just fill the form below and you're part of the European Open 2019 staff.

Once you have filled the form and submitted it - remember to click "Submit" in the end to finish the form - you will receive a confirmation email with all the info you have entered to the form. Please check that all the info is correct and notify Jukka Teräs if there's something wrong.

If you have a Facebook account you can join the European Open Staff Facebook group after you have registered as a volunteer. You can find the group here: (Ask to join the group and you'll be approved in a working day or two, at the latest.)

Please contact Jukka Teräs if you have any questions. You can reach him by email from

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Every volunteer gets a staff shirt. Pick a size that fits you.
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Enter the name of your disc golf club below, if you're a member of a disc golf club. Otherwise leave the field empty.
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Select the days when you can and want to be doing volunteer work. We'll use your answers as a basis for creating the work shift schedule. Please note that the school accommodation is only available 15.-22.7.2019.
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Choose as many tasks as you would like to participate in. Choose none if you are able & willing to do anything.
Do you have earlier experience from volunteering?
Tell us about your previous volunteering experiences; what events have they been and what have you done in them?
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Have you used UDisc? *
We'll use UDisc for score and stat keeping in the European Open. You can download the app for free from App Store and/or Google Play. You also get free UDisc Pro Subscription for 2019 if you're a current PDGA member. (More info: The app is quite easy & intuitive to use.
Do you have skills or training that are useful in the event?
Please tell us if you have some useful skills or have received training in something that might be useful in the event. E.g. first aid training, experience in spotting, scorekeeping, or are you a proficient handyman? Anything really, that might prove useful!
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Do you have a special diet?
We need to know if you're allergic to something, or if you follow a special diet. Leave empty if you can eat/drink anything.
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Will you be staying at the school? *
We offer accommodation for volunteers during 15.-22.7.2019 at a nearby high school.More info about the school accommodation here:
Tell us about yourself.
We'd like to get to know our staff. Please tell a bit about yourself.
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