2024 NCDC Work-Exchange and Staff Application 
Work-exchange and staff hiring for Summer Camp is now open. There are five steps:

1) Fill out this form. Do NOT register yet. If you try to register now, you will be charged the full rate. That's not what you want, right?
2) Be patient: a coordinator will follow up with you, review your needs and facilitate your hiring. Do NOT register yet. (We want to be sure you understand not to register yet.)
3) After you've been hired, check your email frequently for a discount coupon. Once you receive your coupon, you can register.
4) Register ASAP with your coupon and pay your balance due (at ncdcdances.org) so we know you're committed.
5) Celebrate! Do a happy dance! You're coming to camp as part of the crew.
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Legal Name *
Mobile phone number or home number if no mobile *
Email address *
Please check email every two days during this hiring process. We need your quick responses, and we cannot do business by text.
Please call you (this name) *
Please refer to you as: *
Guardian's legal name if under 18
Has someone told you that you are already hired for a specific role? *
If an Organizer or Coordinator reached out to you directly and already hired you, please note that here (including teachers, facilitators, DJs, and musicians): who hired you and for what position
Please Note there is no need to fill in the rest of the form if you are already hired.
Dates you can be at camp and available for work:
Have you attended NCDC's Summer Dance Camp before?
Years you have done work-exchange at Dance Camp and the jobs you've done:
The financial situation you are in that has you applying for work exchange:
Those in financial need are first priority for work-exchange jobs. Please explain your current employment situation and your income status, and let us know other things that affect your financial situation, such as being a single parent or having unusual financial responsibilities. List any relevant issues so that we understand your situation. 
Hiring details
Check all departments you are available for. (Choose the  options you could to be available for. Some positions are highly competitive or require specialized skills and experience).
My 1st choice job and qualifications
My 2nd choice job and qualifications
My 3rd choice job and qualifications
Times I can be available to work
Check all that apply:
My work references are:
We need a name and contact information for at least two people. Email, phone, duration of work together, and professional relationship details, please.
Ailments, limitations or special circumstances.
Please list any physical, emotional, mental, or social limitations which could affect your ability to perform work at camp.
Situations in which you shine
Tell us about them!
Talents I have that might be useful at camp or year round (other than teaching, dining or catering)
You have aptitudes and skills we cannot even guess, and we would love to know about you and your capacities. Anything from bookkeeping to zookeeping might be useful to us.
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