PacBot 2020 Registration Form
By filling out this form, you are officially registering to compete in the 2020 PacBot competition, to be held at Harvard University in April, 2020 (date TBD).

The official ruleset can be found at

If you have any questions/concerns, feel free to reach out to Charlie Colt-Simonds ( or Tom Biasi (, this year's PacBot project managers.
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This is the email to which we will send all further communications regarding competition logistics, progress check-ins, and any other relevant information.
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Team Size *
Give us a rough approximation of your team size. This will help us estimate our venue/food/swag costs and logistics.
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Date Preference *
We have not settled on the exact competition date yet because we are waiting to hear your input. We've had teams who were unable to come in the past due to conflicts with exams or other obligations so we're hoping to avoid that this year. Please comment briefly on your team's availability for the 4 weekends in April, noting your preferences as well as your potential conflicts.
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Has your team participated in PacBot before?
If you answered "Yes" to the last question, is there anything you would want us to do differently from last year?
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Registration Fee *
In order to register for the PacBot competition, we ask for a $50 fee to help cover the cost of food and t-shirts. You can pay this fee via venmo to @harvardurc, or if you prefer another type of payment method (paypal, check, cash) you can reach out to and we will work something out. If this fee poses a financial burden, please reach out as well.
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