Solidarity to NI Nurses.
Dear colleagues in Northern Ireland,

We, as members of the Royal College of Nursing, From England, Wales and Scotland express our solidarity to you in your fight for fair pay and safer working conditions.

We are outraged by how desperate the situation has become and the lack of regard the Government has shown for Northern Irish Nurses who are being strangled by this deal. This disgraceful pay ‘award’ imposed by the Department of Health is both punishing and unjust and leaves many of you destitute, demoralised and devalued.

This ‘award’ does nothing in the way of paying you back for your contributions to patient care and public well-being.

In these difficult times we stand beside you. We will be there whatever action you decide to take as you fight this contemptible deal; to better not only your lives but the lives of future nurses.

Yours in solidarity,

Danielle Tiplady, England.
Geoff Earl, Scotland.
Dan Langley, England.

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