Pitch a Program Item to Living Games 2018
We need your brilliant ideas for Living Games 2018. With this form, you can pitch program items that are not social events or games. We'll post calls for games at a later date. If you have a great idea for a social program item -- a party or a pervasive event -- email program@livinggamesconference.com

You can read the complete call for programming here -- http://www.livinggamesconference.com/call-for-programming-living-games-2018/

The deadline for pitching Academic program items is December 15.
The deadline for pitching all other program items is January 15.

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Special instructions for academic program items only: Include a 350-500 word abstract with at least three peer-reviewed, scholarly sources.
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For non-academic program items only: If you know who else you'd like to participate in this program item, let us know here. *
This isn't binding, but it'll give us a sense of what you're going for and how to best help you.
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We are also looking for people to give keynote speeches at this conference. If there's someone you'd like to hear talk about a particular subject, we'd love to learn about that here.
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Is there anyone with whom you prefer not to be paired on a program item (panel, etc.)
This form will be viewed by the programming committee: Emily Care Boss, Sarah Lynne Bowman, and Lizzie Stark
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