How do I know whether I should submit a pre-proposal?
As you prepare to purchase, create bid specifications for the purchase of, or otherwise procure technology or technology-related products or services, please keep in mind that some such purchases and projects require prior approval through the University’s IT Governance process. Adherence to IT Governance requirements applies regardless of the means of payment (if any)—whether purchase order (PO), direct pay authorization (DPA), P-card, or procurement at no cost.

IT Governance is the process that ensures the effective and efficient use of IT resources. The IT Governance Council is the top level IT Governance body at Western Illinois University. The council receives technology proposals from four Alliances via the Executive Committee. The Council determines which proposals should move forward. After prioritizing them, the Council may choose to implement all of the proposals, some of them, or none of them.

This evaluation will determine whether you need to submit an IT Governance pre-proposal or not. Requests from the University community for technology-related improvements that meet at least one of the following criteria must be vetted through IT Governance:

1. It impacts the University significantly from a directional, policy, services, systems, security, financial process, operation or strategic perspective.

2. It requires significant funding. IT expenditures exceeding a designated threshold of $15,000 will be vetted through the IT Governance process.

3. It integrates with one or more existing systems. (Example: A new system requires interfaces with an existing financial module.)

Complete the following evaluation to know whether you should submit a pre-proposal to IT Governance.

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