A1 - GSDMC Outstanding Mathematics Educator Award Nomination Form (Category A ...Part 1 of 2.... Classroom Teacher)
In an effort to recognize those educators who are doing superior jobs in the field of Mathematics Education, the Greater San Diego Math Council has established the annual Outstanding Mathematics Educator Awards. Educators will be recognized in two areas:

(A) Outstanding work teaching Mathematics to students in the classroom (This Form) and

(B) Outstanding work outside of the classroom in support of Mathematics education in the classroom.
Nominations for the Category B (Math Educator Outside the Classroom) award can be submitted using the following form:

**This nomination form is for the Category A ...Part 1 of 2 ...(Classroom Teacher) award.

GSDMC wants to honor teachers who inspire students of all backgrounds and abilities to higher achievement in mathematics. GSDMC is asking you to consider the teachers you know. They may come from any of five levels: post secondary, senior high, intermediate/junior high, upper elementary, and primary. You should be able to state unequivocally, that “this is one of the two or three best classroom teachers of mathematics that I have ever known or seen.”

A key part of the process is a nominator (you), submitting a candidate and the information for that candidate and yourself. You may wish to scroll down and become familiar with the information we need you supply, so after gathering the information needed, you can easily complete it in one session. However, you can enter the information in multiple sessions. At the end of each incomplete session, the system will send you an email with a link to continue the session at later time.

The honorees will be honored at their school sites in the Spring of the 20/21 school year.

Honorees will receive:
- Monetary award of $250 (to be used towards math classroom or professional development)
- commemorative plaque
- lifetime GSDMC membership
- registration to a future GSDMC conference
- invitation to a GSDMC conference seminar
- invitation to speak at a GSDMC conference, if desired

Thank you for your support in our effort to honor some of the finest mathematics educators. If you have any questions or concerns, please check our website at www.gsdmc.org (follow the Outstanding Educator Nomination link - OMEA) or email Daryl Stermon OMEA award chair person, at dstermon@ucsd.edu (preferred), or text or call 619-518-8560 (leave a message if calling, and we will get back to you ASAP).


Criteria for Selection for Greater San Diego Mathematics Council, Outstanding Mathematics Educator Award - OMEA ... Please review before starting!

A) Outstanding Mathematics Teacher in the Classroom
Candidates must be a classroom teacher (work directly with students) employed by any school in San Diego County with a minimum of five years teaching experience. The intent is to identify and recognize an outstanding classroom teacher in each of FIVE AREAS: primary, upper elementary, middle school/junior high, high school, and post secondary.

In addition, all candidates should be:
- Dedicated to quality mathematics education
- Caring, sensitive, energetic, enthusiastic, and enjoy his/her job
- Practicing exemplary teaching techniques as outlined in the California Mathematics Framework
and the Common Core Standards

- active in the support of mathematics education through any of the following:
• Involved in math conferences and workshops
• Delivers professional development opportunities for teachers
• Involved in ongoing curricular improvement in mathematics
• Takes leadership in local, state, or national mathematics organizations

A complete application will include (it is the responsibility of the nominator to make sure they are completed):
1) Nomination Google Form (THIS FORM for Category A Part 1 of 2 - Classroom Teacher)
2) Administrator/Supervisor’s Recommendation (a separate Google Form) an Administrator or Supervisor makes a brief statement of support for the candidate. Click here for the form: https://forms.gle/8hrSAyoUMdjMPQbE9

It is the nominator's responsibility to ensure that all components (parts 1 and 2, listed above) are completed by the deadline SUNDAY January 31, 2021, by midnight.

Any questions or concerns can be sent to: email Daryl Stermon OMEA award chairperson, at dstermon@ucsd.edu (preferred), or text or call 619-518-8560 (leave message if calling and he will get back to you ASAP).

*Please submit the NOMINATOR's email address, YOUR email address, below. By entering your email address, you will be able to submit the form, receive a response receipt via email, and have the option to edit/complete the form at a later time, via the email response receipt that will come to you.
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Candidate Information
The following San Diego County teacher/educator is nominated for the GSDMC Outstanding Mathematics Educator Award:
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Candidate Years in Education *
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Describe WHY you feel this candidate is an outstanding math teacher. *
Describe what this teacher does and practices to support STUDENTS learning Mathematics? *
In generic terms (no student names or identifiers) describe a specific teaching moment, that you personally observed or are aware of, where this teacher has made a positive difference for a student learning Mathematics? *
Nominator Information
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Nominator Years Teaching *
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Optional: Please let us know about any additional facts you would like to add, or any comments you would like to make about the process (so we can do better in the future).
Thank you for completing the GSDMC Outstanding Mathematics Educator Award nomination form! Please be sure to have the nominee's supervisor complete the Supervisor's Recommendation Google Form below.
Supervisor's Recommendation Google Form:
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