3 NC Regions
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What are the 3 unique landforms that characterize North Carolina? *
The ______________ are the oldest range in the eastern U.S.- stretching from Canada to northern Alabama. *
The ________ has low, flat land that gently slopes from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf of Mexico. *
The ___________borders the Coastal Plain and includes a broad, flat area of high land. *
All beaches in North Carolina are located along the... *
The __________________________ is a semicircular band of cities and towns. *
Read the following sentence: Near the capes are dangerous shoals, which are hazards to ships. What does the word shoal mean? *
What is a fall line? *
Many mountain residents rely on income or jobs from... *
What is the highest point in North Carolina and highest in the U.S. east of the Mississippi River? *
Where is the largest research center in the United States? *
Describe how recreation or activities people do for fun might be different in each region of North Carolina (Mountains- Piedmont- Coastal Plain). *
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