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The Department of Youth Engagement & Employment is a one-stop engagement and resource center. The Department aims to connect, advocate and serve youth constituents and stakeholders to develop the necessary skills, abilities, and competencies a young person needs to be prepared for life’s transitions. During the last 25 years, we have been able to connect Boston’s youth with over 30,000 meaningful work experience through partnering with almost two hundred community based organizations.

The Department of Youth Engagement and Employment is searching for more partnerships. If your agency is interested please fill the form below.
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Youth Employment Partner
Youth Employment Partner
1. Invest in youth workforce development

2. Receive youth support to reach organizational goals

3. Connect youth with career development skills and advancement
Youth Development Partner
Youth Development Partner
1. Teach practical career development skills

2. Increase program success through youth engagement and participation

3. Increase access to workforce through skill development
Youth Civic Engagement Partner
Youth Civic Engagement Partner
1. Connect youth with resources and local programming

2. Connect youth initiatives

3. Increase youth participation in leadership and civic engagement
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