Bike to School Interest Survey
Will Rogers Elementary and the City of Edmond Bicycle Committee are partnering together to launch Oklahoma's first bike to school as a group movement. You may have heard of bike buses or bike trains- that's what we're aiming for. (If not, check out this video!)

We're in the planning stages and gathering interest from students, parents, and community volunteers. Our intial thoughts include launching formally one day a week, but encouraging informal riding together every day. We currently plan to offer our bike to school group to 2-5th graders (and younger siblings if accompanied by a parent or riding in a trailer). We have two routes in development and are open to more! One would come from the east (through Hafer Park) and one from the west (coming up Pine Oak).
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Student Name (first child)
Student Grade (first child)
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Student Name (second child)
Student Grade (second child)
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Student Name (third child)
Student Grade (third child)
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What is your street address?
1234 Spring Creek Road
Does your child already have a bike?
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Does your child already have a helmet?
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Does your child already have a bike lock?
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What day(s) of the week would you be interested in a group ride to school?
Would your child ride both ways?
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How comfortable are you with biking?
Tell us a little about your family and bikes. Very familiar and bike often as an adult and trying to get your kids engaged? Bike on trails as a family? Occasionally ride to the park or around the neighborhood? Mountain bike? New to biking? Kids ride on a third wheel or in a trailer?
Does your child have the following skills yet?
Would an adult in your family ever be able to ride as one of our leaders?
What should we call our efforts?
Are we a Bike Bus, Bike Train, Wildcats on Wheels...? What makes sense to those newer to riding?
We are planning a launch event so that families can get familiar with the bike group leaders, practice with their child, learn safety skills, and have fun! Please check things that would be of interest to your family.
Are there ways (big or small) that you might be able to contribute to launching our bike to school group?
Do you have any questions or ideas?
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