The Punished Backlog - Staff Writer position application
Hi there! If you're reading this, I assume you're interested in writing for our outlet.

That's great--enthusiasm for gaming is a big part of our mantra, and seeking out an application shows us that you're serious about this.

The rest of the application consists of some information gathering in addition to providing a few writing samples of your past work. No need to stress--everything here should be pretty straightforward.

For any questions, please shoot an email over to me at Otherwise, I look forward to reading your application, and will contact you if we feel you'd be a good fit here at our outlet!

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How long have you been playing video games? *
Briefly list a few of your favorite games/gaming franchises *
How did you hear about our website? (Reddit, N4G, search engine, other, etc.) *
Do you have previous experience freelancing for gaming/entertainment outlets? If so, for how long and covering what kinds of content? *
Please select which of the following content pieces you'd most be interested in contributing to: *
How frequently do you see yourself contributing to The Punished Backlog (this isn't a trick question, so please answer honestly!) *
Why do you want to write for The Punished Backlog? What are a few of your short and long-term goals? *
Please provide two samples of recent works. Samples should consist of either 2 reviews, 1 preview and 1 review, 1 feature and 1 review, or 1 news article and 1 review. If you've freelanced in the past, feel free to link the two works you're most proud of. If not, please write up your samples for this part of the application. If you'd prefer to upload a Word Doc or PDF of your submissions, please write "Samples Submitted" and submit your samples below. *
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