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Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the 2019-2020 school year! Your help is appreciated!
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Please check as many as you think you might be interested in! We know that schedules and circumstances change over the course of the school year, so no commitment yet! We will contact you further based on your responses. If you have questions about any of these activities, please contact Volunteer Coordinator Anna Wells (hopkintonpta.volunteers@gmail.com).
*Fingerprinting through the Hopkinton School District
Volunteer opportunities with an asterisk indicate that fingerprinting & a background check are required to be completed through the Hopkinton School District. You only need to complete this ONCE through the Hopkinton School District. (But if you have been previously fingerprinted elsewhere, you still need to complete this process for Hopkinton's SAU.)

If you will be working - or potentially working - with a child/children without a teacher or other fingerprinted adult present, you MUST complete a background check with fingerprinting through the Hopkinton School District. This includes chaperoning field trips (which is coordinated directly with the school). In all cases, the cost of the fingerprinting will be reimbursed to you IN FULL by the Hopkinton School District. The process can take several weeks, so if you are interested in any of the activities that require fingerprinting, please start the process now!

Here is where you can find step by step instructions: https://hopkintonpta.org/volunteer
Fingerprinting *
Have you completed a background check and fingerprinting THROUGH THE SCHOOL DISTRICT?
Volunteer Agreement Statement of Confidentiality
The Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement MUST be signed by every volunteer on an annual basis. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Hopkinton school volunteers enhance and diversify the learning experience of the students. Volunteers are utilized at staff request and all activities are under the direction and supervision of staff.

Each volunteer recognizes that, by law, all school and student information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Any information about a student can not be repeated, discussed, or shared without written permission from the student’s parent/guardian, which can only be obtained by the student’s teacher.
Confidentiality Agreement *
"I understand and will support the Hopkinton School District Volunteer Agreement Statement of Confidentiality." If you agree, please type your FULL NAME below.
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Volunteer Handbook
Please review the Volunteer Handbook at any time! Find it here: www.hopkintonpta.org/volunteer
If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to submit them here. THANK YOU!
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And always feel free to contact us!
PTA Volunteer Coordinator, Anna Wells: hopkintonpta.volunteers@gmail.com

For more info visit www.hopkintonpta.org
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