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Business DevsEngine website - what you like/dislike?
This form goal is to help us to improve our website and presentation for future clients. Please fill the form about what you like or dislike in our website. You help will be truly appreciated forever! 😉
How do you feel about our logo?
Do you found our logo professionally made?
How do you feel about used website color scheme - red & black?
What do you think about our slogan "Start our engine to drive your business!" ?
What do you think about our featured image - a human head with gears that represent our slogan?
What do you think about texts written in the website?
What do you think about emojis used all over the website?
English is not out first language. Do you find any mistakes that looks bad and should be fixed?
If you see language mistakes, can you write them to us exactly and give suggestions how to improve?
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What do you think about our case studies - portfolio that we demonstrate?
What do you think about testimonials part?
What do you think about meet the team section?
Do you find that our website loads fast enough?
Do you like/dislike our website in general? Any comments what could be improved?
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If you can, please provide your name and/or country or stay completely anonymous. However if we know some context who is answering questions that can be really helpful for us.
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Thank you very much for the time you spent on us! 🙏😊
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