Disabilities Camping Area Registration Form
Camping in the Disabilities Camping Area is limited to disabled individuals and those persons camping in the same tents as them. Each person must fill out their own form; the deadline is June 9, 2019.

Disabilities Camping space is limited, and reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis. This form is used by Disabilities Services for space planning only. You MUST ALSO PREREGISTER for Pennsic with Coopers Lake Campground by June 19.

Please contact the Disability Services Coordinator if you have any questions.

Modern Name *
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SCA Name
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Email *
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Tent Info
Reminder - you are allotted only 250 square feet per person. Your tent (and any ropes/dining fly/sunshade/shower/etc.) and personal gear must all fit within this space.
Contact Info
Name(s) of other people in your tent
Note: each person camping with you must submit a copy of this form.
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Arrival Date *
Your estimated date of arrival
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Tent Size *
Length & width. Please note which side has the front door
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Type of Tent *
Are there external ropes? *
Attached Shade Fly
If your tent has one, what are the dimensions, and which side of the tent is it on?
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Other structures
If you have a Dining fly, Pop-up, Shower Tent, etc., please list the item, dimensions (including any ropes), and preferred placement by your tent
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Additional Info
Scooter/Wheelchair *
Do you plan to bring and recharge a scooter or wheelchair?
Other Questions, Comments, or Requests
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