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Thank you so much for signing up to phone or text bank! All you need to make calls is a computer or tablet and a phone. For texting, all you need is a computer. We want to make sure you get the phone/text banking experience you'd like, so please let us know some information so we can get you ready to go. Below you'll see options for how you'd like to volunteer. We have technology that allows you to make calls and text from the comfort of your own home, on your own time, or host an event for you and your friends to phone bank together. You also can come in to the campaign offices to phone or text bank with other supporters.

NOTE: If you are willing to phone bank instead of text bank, please do! We are almost at capacity with text bankers and would love to continue to have volunteers phone banking.

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For phone banks, a limited number of users can use our phone banking tool simultaneously. Please let us know which specific dates you are planning on phone banking so we can ensure you have access and can get set up and ready to dial!
Are you planning on hosting a party for any of the above dates? If yes, please indicate the dates & number of individuals joining below! (e.g. 11/5 - phone banking for 5 people):
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If attending phone banks at the campaign office, please sign up for a date(s) below! Please note: the times are when you can come in to phone bank for however long you'd like - you are not being asked to stay for the entire shift:
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