PucMC Staff Application !
This is the form of the Official PucMC Staff Application.
All responses made will be responded back to within 3 days
Please Remember that this position is paid
Be very informative
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Example: $Patrick$#0001
What Position Are You Applying For? *
Were you ever banned on PucMC? *
Please type no if you haven't and if you have please explain why.
How old are you? *
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What date and time would you be available for an Interview? *
What is your timezone? *
Are you Java or Bedrock?
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What Is Your Experience As Staff ,Please Name All Servers And What Role You Got There , Are You A Staff In Another Server ? *
Why do you want to be staff on PucMC ? *
In What ways Can you help? *
What would you do if someone was hacking? *
Example: (Xray) (Fly) (Auto Mining) (Kill Aura) (Speed) (No KnockBack) Etc:
Why do you think you will be a good fit in the team? *
Do you have a microphone? *
How ongoing are you with people? *
Ex: Welcoming, answering questions, handling support tickets
How many Hours can you be on *
Do you know the basic commands? *
Can you promote the server? *
Please Tell Us More About Your Self ,
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