Title l Parent Survey
To better serve the students of our school, we would like your opinion about your child's experience in the schoolwide Title l program. Your time, comments, and suggestions are greatly appreciated! Please complete one survey for each child you have attending Middletown City Schools.
I have a child in the following grade *
The Title l program helped improve my child's academic skills.
I know what my child should know and be able to do in reading and/or mathematics for the grade he/she is in.
I understand my child's report card and test scores.
Do you know how additional help with academics is given to students who qualify?
Do you know how students are selected for additional services for reading and /or math during the day?
I was given information on my child's progress throughout the school year.
The school held a meeting to explain materials and strategies I could use at home with my child.
Instruction and transportation for activities and events held outside of the day is often provided. Would or has your child attended such a program or event?
I was given the opportunity to participate in school events and /or planning and review meetings.
Do you know about volunteer work at your child's school?
I am encouraged to be involved in my child's education.
I can reach my child's classroom teacher(s) to discuss my child.
I feel welcome in my child's school.
I feel that my child's teachers are interested and cooperative when we discuss my child's academic progress and/or other concerns.
What is the most effective way for the school to share information about your child and school activities?
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