Crescent (Code Building) Parent Survey 2017-2018
At CS Partners, we are dedicated to working together with your academy towards continuous improvement. One of the ways we do this is to annually survey our parents, students and staff. In the following survey, we seek your perspective on questions related to research on effective schools and positive organizations. We would appreciate you taking 5-10 minutes to complete this survey to help us evaluate progress and potentially identify future areas of focus.

We do not collect names or other information that identifies individual respondents to this survey. Individual responses to the survey will not be shared with the school or the public. All information is collected anonymously and data will only be viewed, shared, or published as a group of respondents.
The following questions are meant to gather some background information.
How long have you had a child attending this school?
Select the grade level for all children you have currently attending this school.
I access the internet through the following devices:
I use the following social media tools:
The following questions are meant to gather information on your school.
My child feels safe at school.
The school has clear, consistent rules for students.
My child's teachers care about students.
My child's teachers clearly explain what they are expected to learn.
Teachers support my child when they don't understand a topic.
The school staff communicates the belief that all children can learn.
The principal demonstrates a high degree of pride in the school.
Communication lines with the school administration are open.
The principal communicates that academics are important.
I understand the overall purpose and priorities of the school.
There are specific objectives that all students are expected to master.
I feel that I am a part of the mission of the school.
My child's schedule seems to allow for enough instructional time.
My child's teachers seem to use class time effectively.
Teachers provide help for my child when they aren't mastering assigned tasks.
I know how well my child is doing in school.
Teachers use a variety of methods to evaluate whether my child is learning the material.
My child's teachers share academic results with me in an understandable way.
I feel welcome in the school.
Parents have opportunities to learn how to help their children be successful in school.
I have opportunities to participate in school activities.
Teachers are challenging my child with high level work.
My child finds their work interesting and relevant to their everyday life.
The learning activities teachers use are based on student needs.
I would recommend this school to other parents.
Do you want to tell us anything else to help us improve the school?
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