GBC's 2020-2021 Digital Audition
Want to be involved with Grey Box Collective's 2020-2021 Season? Excellent! Welcome.

This digital audition is for anyone interested in being directly involved in the performances for the 2020-2021 season. If you are interested in administration, marketing, digital relationships, operations, grant writing, etc., please visit for internship, volunteer, and board opportunities.

We value and understand balancing work, school, personal life, professional life, being a creative human being, and the many unexpected things that can stretch us thin. Because of this (and also now due to the pandemic) we hold auditions 100% online to accommodate the creatives who have been a part of the collective previously and meet the needs of future members (like you!).

Grey Box Collective is committed to contributing to a sustainable arts community by providing stipends to all artists, creating opportunities for professional exploration and development, and allowing for flexible and non-traditional rehearsal models.

We collect demographic information because the grants we apply for to fund our collective are interested in who we connect with and your answers help us write more impactful grants. (That being said, we understand identifies might not fit in a box, might be fluid, hidden, undefinable, unknown, and/or undiscovered so, answer as much as you're comfortable with).

We appreciate your time and energy in completing the digital audition form!

The information on this form will be shared with Grey Box Collective leadership. Demographic information may be synthesized and disseminated as deemed necessary for grant writing purposes. If there is any question that does not apply or your prefer not to answer, please put "N/A".

Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling, as needed basis.

If you have any questions, please contact us at

Thank you for your interest in being a part of Grey Box Collective!
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Our body of work is interdisciplinary, experimental, and post-dramatic. How would you like to be involved with it? How do you want to contribute to it? Please share any topics or ideas you'd like to explore. Examples from previous shows include: queer identity, sexual violence, mental health, etc. *
Our creative process is heavily rooted in ensemble collaboration. How do you like to work with others? How do you contribute to a group? Please keep the digital aspect in mind with your response. *
Work Sample: Please submit video, website, online portfolio, or other link(s) that highlights your creative work. Please provide shareable links, and any required password to enable viewing. *
Since this year is all digital, what equipment might you need to borrow? This information is to make sure we have an inventory that supports the collective's technology needs and does not impact your application. Ex. extension cord, ethernet adapter, camera, headphones, etc. *
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