Mid-Valley 2021 Softball Umpire ICA
Mid-Valley Softball Umpires Association (MVSUA)


This agreement is made and entered into effect on _______________________(date) by and between the Mid-Valley Softball Umpires Association MVSUA (Client) and ____________________ the (Umpire)
In consideration of the mutual promises set forth below, the parties agree to:

1. DESCRIPTION OF WORK: The service to be performed by the Umpire shall be providing softball
Umpiring to any MVSUA Client. Such services shall be provided in accordance with the rules and guidelines established by the appropriate National and/or State Rules Committees and the MVSUA governing documents.

2. PAYMENT FOR SERVICES: The Client(s) to which the Official is assigned may pay the Official
directly. If the Official is not paid the MVSUA will make every effort to see that the Official is paid, but any legal action must be done solely by the Official, or the Client(s) will pay the amount due to the MVSUA. The MVSUA will deliver the amount paid, less any fee due to the MVSUA and/or Commissioner for the cost of administering the MVSUA and/or assigning the game. The MVSUA will not withhold any amount for taxes - income, FICA, Medicare, Unemployment, etc. - nor for worker’s compensation. The official agrees to report amounts received and pay all taxes, fees, and other charges as may be required by Federal, State, and/or Local governments.

3. LIABILITY FOR LOSS: The MVSUA, its’ Commissioner, Officers, Directors, and Executive Board, and other authorized representatives shall not be responsible or held liable for injury or damage to persons or property resulting from the rendering of service by the Official.

4. INSURANCE AND INDEMNIFICATION: The services performed under this Agreement shall be
performed entirely at the performance of this Agreement. The Official will carry, for the duration of this Agreement, medical and/or work accident insurance and necessary automobile insurance, as required by Oregon Law, for any vehicle used by the Official in driving to any assignment and meeting. The Official agrees to indemnify the MVSUA for any and all liability, loss, or attorney fees arising out of the performance of this Agreement.

5. TERM OF AGREEMENT: It is understood that the services provided by the Official shall be completed by June 30th of the year immediately following the latest date below entered. However, the covenant herein shall survive said termination.

I hereby acknowledge that I am an independent contractor and not an employee of the Mid-Valley Softball Umpires Association. I fully understand that as an independent contractor the Association is not required to, and therefore will not, provide any employee-related benefits such as workers compensation or unemployment insurance and will not withhold any employee/employer related taxes. I am solely and entirely responsible for my acts during the performance of my officiating duties. I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to report monies I receive from officiating in the appropriate manner to applicable taxing authorities.
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