Career Path Survey
This survey was compiled by Aspire, with the support of The Dyspraxia Association of Ireland and HADD, to help us to gain an understanding of the employment and educational status of people who have hidden disabilities in Ireland. This information will be valuable in the progression of our career development programme.

The information gained from the survey will remain strictly anonymous. No identifiable details will be disclosed in the subsequent report, and information will only be used to assess employment and educational statistics of the target population.

By continuing with this survey, you give the researchers permission to use your anonymous details in a report generated from the statistics.

This survey should take 5-10 minutes to complete. Thank you for your time.

Section 1: Personal Details
What age group are you in?
What gender do you identify as?
Current employment and educational status
What is your current employment and/or educational status? Check all that apply.
If you are currently unemployed, how long have you been without employment?.
Place of Residence
What province do you currently live in?
What is your primary diagnosis? Check all that apply.
Have you any additional diagnoses? Check all that apply.
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