Survey on Faults/Errors in Robotic Systems
With the increasing use of robots in industry, our working world is in upheaval. There is a steady need for robots that execute their tasks robustly. However, robots are susceptible to different kinds of errors and faults during their lifecycle. Robot developers put a lot of effort in creating reliable fault-tolerant applications. However, there are still unexpected or unknown errors that cannot be adequately handled.

Our team at Fraunhofer IPA, Stuttgart would like to have more information about the types of faults occurring in robotic systems and if there is an industrial requirement for a new tool for monitoring and detecting these faults. To better understand the needs of such a fault handling and diagnosis tool in the robotic industry, we are conducting an online survey. We would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out the survey below.

We will open-source the feedback received to our community shortly after closing the survey. Subsequently, we would organize an online workshop to discuss the survey results and solutions based on the requirements. Interested people can connect with us at

Please choose one application you have worked with and answer the survey based on it.
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