Wake Up Like a Lioness! Morning Spiritual Practice with At The Well
Program intended for those on National Young Leadership Cabinet or under 45-years-old. If you know a Lion of Judah over 45 who wants to attend, just touch base with Dana (below). This is an optional event.

Monday January 14, 2019
On the Beach!
(Breakfast will be open from 7-8:30am, so you can take breakfast from there or grab something from the bodegas in the hotel.)
*Comfortable clothing recommended.

Join Sarah Waxman, founder of At The Well, a women's wellness organization on a mission to unify the practices of health and Jewish spirituality. Jewish wisdom encourages us to start the day with strength, as though we're "waking up like a lion!" Join other young women for this special morning ritual practice where we'll integrate bodily movement (gently), breath, and prayers. Unite your mind, body, and spirit, and set your intention for a great day.

Contact Dana.Shakarchy@JewishFederations.org for more information.
Sarah is the passionate Founder of At The Well. She has been a student of sociology and holistic medicine, a national champion athlete, an instructor of yoga and mindfulness, and a passionate member of the Jewish community. All these experiences gave her a deep understanding of the power that comes from being in a supportive community, feeling connected to your spirituality, and having a real understanding of your cycle. At The Well was created out of love; it is a place to be witnessed, and to witness others, to share, to learn, and a place to connect Jewish heritage to everyday life. After being selected for a leadership fellowship, Sarah launched At The Well with Moishe House as her fiscal sponsor.
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Morning Spiritual Practice
Contact ILOJCinfo@jewishfederations.org with questions.
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