Malachyte's Commission Form
Please fill out the information below as thoroughly as possible. After you turn in this form, I will contact you using the email address (or other method of contact) you provide to further discuss any finer points of the commission. If you have information that doesn't fit into the form easily, enter it in to the last text field to let me know!

My Terms of Service are linked below. Please review this before agreeing to commission me. By filling out this form, you are assumed to have consented to my ToS, and will be held accountable as such.

My price guide, linked below, includes examples of pictures for each category.

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Terms of Service -
Price/Example Guide -
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Name please~
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What is the email address you would like me to use for further commission discussion?
Communication may also take place over site specific messaging systems like notes and PMs, EXCLUDING FurAffinity's note system.
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How many characters?
If you answered 2 or more characters, please give a brief summary of their relationship with each other.
Friends, couple, lovers, master/slave, etc.
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Would you like traditional or digital?
If you can't decide, give this journal a read -
Traditional Commmissions
If you selected traditional media, please pick from these options.
Digital Commissions
If you selected digital media, please pick from these options.
If you selected FULL Reference Sheet, please check all that apply.
Sheets automatically come with a color palette and name text. For information about reference sheets, go here -
What kind of background would you like?
If you're not sure what you'd like, we can discuss it more via email. Here's some examples -
Would you like to be emailed approval sketches?
These are sent at each stage of the drawing process.
Please link to your references for each character below. Text-only descriptions are acceptable.
I may email you with further questions about character design.
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Please give a basic summary of what you would like to have drawn.
No more than 2 paragraphs.
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Do you need this piece by a certain date? (optional)
If the date is less than two weeks away, a 40% rush fee will be applied.
Which payment method do you prefer?
Would you like a physical copy mailed to you?
For print costs and shipping info, see the "Prints and Originals" section of my TOS.
Would you like this commission to remain private or anonymous?
"I have read the Terms of Service, and agree to be held accountable by them, and I am over the age of 18."
Alternately, I have permission from my legal guardian to commission art from you.
Is there any other information you feel is relevant to your commission? (optional)
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What happens next?
Once you submit this form, I will contact you through email, and we will discuss any details that need to be figured out. You will receive a full price quote once I know all the necessary information about your commission.
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