Studio DIY Baby Names Series!
Welcome to our new much requested baby name series! Baby names are one of my and my best friend, Lauren's, favorite topics. Our "experience" comes from nearly a decade of discussing baby names for our own kids, our friends kids and predicting celebrity baby names for fun. Every month we'll pick a new baby name situation submitted by you to discuss on the blog. We'll share our name picks, and our audience will share theirs in the comments! Crowd-sourcing at it's finest!!

If you're expecting a baby (through pregnancy, surrogacy, adopting or any other way!) and need some help naming your babe, fill out the form below to be considered for the series!
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If you already have children, tell us their first names and ages.
Tell us about your baby naming style! Thought starters: What are names you like or don't like? General styles or types of names you like? Are there any family names or other specifics you need to keep in mind? Do you have a middle name picked out? Are there any pain points or other issues you're running into? (We will share all or part of this response in the blog post, so that our community can help weigh in too. Please don't share personal or specific details here unless you are comfortable with them being shared!)
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