Jellyfish frame kit and sticker order form
When you order at least 1 frame kit, a free Jellyfish sticker is allways included!
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If you would like to purchase 1 or more Jellyfish frame kits, please choose the amount of kits you want to order per the available color combinations. See pictures on the order page on my website for examples. I ask 9 EUR for each frame kit.
white Jellyfish frame kit
green Jellyfish frame kit
red Jellyfish frame kit
green Jellyfish with red arms
red Jellyfish with green arms
How many Jellyfish stickers do you want to order? (3EUR for each sticker). Remember, if you order 1 or more frame kits, a sticker is allways included free!
Where do you want me to ship your order to? (full address) *
Please give me an emailadress to allow me to contact you. *
Order summary
Please calculate the total amount that needs to be paid by multiplying the amount of frame kits you want with 9 EUR and the amount of stickers you want with 3 EUR.
For each order that contains at least 1 frame kit, add 5.50 EUR untracked shipping or 11 EUR tracked shipping.
If your order contains ONLY stickers, add 1.50 EUR untracked postage or 7 EUR tracked postage.
Send the amount to be paid to my paypal As soon as i have received payment, i will contact you to confirm the order and get to work. Thank you!
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