Homework: Dialects
This is worth 30 points -- 10 points per question. These are short essay questions, so you can, and ought to, write a short paragraph for each answer. Grading will be based on the amount of detail and effort. This is due by 18 November (11:59pm).
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Describe one particular dialect of your language (or of another language that you speak). How does it differ from the "standard" variety of the language in (1) phonetics or phonology, (2) vocabulary, and (3) morphology or syntax; if there aren't any noteworthy differences in syntax or morphology, you could discuss another aspect such as (4) pragmatic politeness, or (5) the dialect speakers' sense of (sub)cultural identity or how they feel about their dialect versus the standard variety. Be sure to discuss something that we haven't discussed in class.
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3. (a) Grammar or morphology; (b) politeness; or (c) sociolinguistic attitudes or cultural identity *
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