Blue Island Oysters Raw Bar Service Questionnaire
Please respond to the questions as thoroughly and accurately as possible in order to receive an accurate price quote. If you are unsure of certain details of required response questions at the time you are filling out the questions you can write TBD or estimated data and then just note any potential changes to that information at the last section of the questionnaire.
Event Date *
Event Time Frame *
Service Start Time *
Service End Time *
What time can set up start? *
Event Location *
Are there any possible set up hurdles? (Stairs, elevators, narrow doorways, etc...) *
Is event location business or residential *
If business, is it at a restaurant or other Health Department permitted food serving location *
Is this event public or a private party? *
How many guests? *
Will other food be offered to guests? *
If Yes, describe, what kind of food, portion sizes per guest, quantities available, and additional serving details if available.
Skip this section, and continue to answer section B if your event is a private event.
What is event being promoted as? (Wine, beer, food, oyster etc...)
If being promoted as an oyster event, are you offering unlimited consumption per guest?
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Provide links to any tickets sales pages and event advertising pages as well as printed material for potential cross promotion.
Is this a first time event?
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If No, and we were not the previous providers, please provide stats from previous years events. (Qty of guests, oysters/product consumed, time frame etc...)
Please respond to the question below whether your event is open to the public or private.
Is the event space indoors or outdoors? *
If outdoors, will you be providing an overhead covering? (ie. tent or other)
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What size space will be given to set up within? *
Items you are requesting; *
Please note any additional event notes that we may need in order to properly evaluate and provide you with a price quote. We may contact you with additional questions before providing you with a quote.
After receiving a price quote, in order to confirm a booking and reserve the event date a minimum of a 25% of the total cost, of the highest estimated price (if quote final total will vary) will be required.
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