Windsor Club Pool Lap Swim and Daily Pass Selection for 2016
As Windsor Club pool wait-list and emeritus members you have the option to purchase lap swim passes and daily passes/coupons for access to the pool for the 2016 summer.

• Lap swim pass required for all non-full pool members (waitlist & emeritus) which is $100 per person for the season
• This time is for lap swimming only
Morning Lap Swim: 7-9am, weekdays, June 20 through August 26
Evening Lap Swim: 8-8:30pm, Tuesdays and Wednesdays June 21 through August 24

Based on your selection and availability, you will be allowed 10, 20 or 30 individual pool visits (e.g. passes or coupons) usable during the period from July 5 to Labor Day. An individual pass/coupon is a day pass for a single person age 5 and over. For example, if a family of four wants to use the pool on a given day, they would use four of their passes. If they want to bring a guest, that would require a fifth pass. Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable and must be purchased in advance of the season as there are a finite number of passes to be allocated among wait list members. The rate is $13/pass. No pass is necessary for a child under the age of 5. The “passes” will be retained by the front desk attendant (no passes/coupons to lose or forget at home). A signature will be required for each pass used. Individual passes are good for one season only.

Please complete this form indicating your choice by July 1, 2016. If we do not receive your response by July 1, 2016, it will be assumed that you are not interested in the lap swim program nor the daily use passes/coupons. Upon submitting/sending the form, the confirmation page will display "Your lap swim/daily pass selection has been recorded."

You will be billed by the club once you submit your selection. PAYMENT MUST BE RECEIVED FOR YOUR LAP SWIM PASSES AND DAILY PASSES BEFORE THEY CAN BE USED. (Therefore, if you want to use your coupons on July 5th, don't wait until July 1st to submit your selection as you will be denied entrance to the pool unless your payment for passes/coupons has been received.)

For billing inquiries, please contact Elissa at

Thank you.

Amy Campbell
Windsor Club Pool Committee Chair

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One pass is required per person. If you would like to buy more than 2, please contact
If you opted to purchase a lap swim pass, please indicate the first and last name of the lap swim pass recipient.
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If you opted to purchase a lap swim pass, please indicate the first and last name of the lap swim pass recipient.
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All qualified club members must sign in with the check-in attendant when they arrive at the pool. •All guests must be signed in by a qualified club member. “Guests” must be accompanied by their member Hosts at all times (full or waitlist coupon members) •Individual passes are not required for children under the age of 5 •Guests age 5 and older, will be assessed a fee of $13 (full or partial members) or can be covered by a wait list “pass” in order to use the pool. •Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult (16 or older) in the pool area at all times. Please note that anyone who is not respecting the pool rules and obeying the lifeguards will be asked to leave the pool and Windsor Club grounds for the remainder of the day. • Parents (or childcare providers) are expected to closely supervise their children at all times, especially non-swimmers. No running, rough or dangerous play, pushing or pulling others into the pool, etc... will be allowed • Babies and toddlers who are not toilet trained must wear waterproof diapers. • Per City of Newton ordinances, diapers must not be changed in the pool area. There are changing tables in the restrooms for this purpose. This rule will be strictly enforced and failure to comply with this rule will be grounds for suspension from the pool. •Babysitters/Nannies many only bring guests of the children age 5 and up. (Babysitters/nannies may not bring their own guests.) • Please no glass around the pool area. •Per City of Newton ordinances, all food must be consumed either outside of the concrete pool area or in the designated pool deck area. This rule will be strictly enforced and failure to comply with this rule will be grounds for suspension from the pool. •Everyone using the pool must be familiar with the Pool Rules, as described in the Club Pool section of the Windsor Club Yearbook and as updated on the Club’s intranet site. Severe or repeated violations may also be considered sufficient cause for cancellation of membership without refund, based upon a written report from the Pool Director, a hearing with the right of appeal, and at the discretion of the Pool Committee. • The Pool Director’s judgment in all health and safety matters is final. Failure to comply with these rules shall be sufficient cause for immediate suspension of pool privileges by the pool staff. Severe or repeated violations may also be considered cause for cancellation of membership. In order to ensure a fun and safe time for all, reckless or otherwise inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated. The Pool Staff is authorized to remove people from the pool area and Windsor Club grounds if their instructions are not followed.
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