Tracking censorship on WeChat

Wechatscope offers you first ever experience to track censored articles on WeChat’s public accounts​​.​ You will ​gain a better understanding into a broader range of voices of Chinese public enabled by the technology. It also provides publicly accessible open data via API, website and the social media.

We encourage you to suggest us WeChat public accounts that we should follow and welcome you to report user experience of being censored or blocked on WeChat. We hope Wechatscope will become a community-driven participatory project that builds everyone's capacity to promote digital freedom in China.

Your Participation Makes a Big Difference!!

Have suggestions, ideas, or questions? Visit us wechatscope.jmsc.hku.hk
** All information gathered in this survey are considered anonymous.
1. Please write us WeChat public accounts that you want to be included in our monitoring system. Use commas to separate the accounts, e.g. 美國駐華大使(ID: USEmbassyChina), 新榜(ID: newrankcn)
2. Do you have any experience of being censored or blocked on WeChat public account? Please share with us.
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