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Wikitongues Code of Ethics
By joining the Wikitongues volunteer community, you hereby pledge to:

1) Uphold local, national and international law in your country of residence, as well as any other country or territory to which you may travel;

2) Respect the cultural practices of your place of residence, as well as any other place to which you may travel, within reason and so long as it does not directly contradict your own cultural, religious or linguistic identity;

3) Only to record individuals who have given their explicit consent, either directly or through a translator when one is needed, and to honestly and accurately represent the activities of Wikitongues, so that potential participants may adequately determine whether or not they want to participate; and

4) Never to discriminate against any individual or group for reasons of race, color, creed, language, gender identity, biological sex, age, culture, national origin, marital status, sexual preference, or handicap.
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