Instructional Grant Program - Mini Deadline: October 3, 2019 at midnight
The purpose of the Mini-Grant Program for Teachers is to provide materials, supplies, and/or resources to enhance and improve the classroom learning experience in alignment with the Virginia Standards of Learning. Grants up to $500 may be requested. All Hampton City School teachers are eligible to apply.

Application Process: This is a 2-part application process.

First part – Complete the application:
1. Discuss your grant idea with your applicable building administrator to ensure that if you are awarded the grant, you will have the administration’s support to implement it.
2. Complete the on-line application.
3. The application will be e-mailed to you for ease of reading/review. It will include a link so that you can go back to edit it at any-time up until the deadline date as many times as you want. If you want to write part of the grant application and go back later to complete it, you need to at least enter a character in each field or it won’t take it.
4. You aren't finished yet. Once you are satisfied with your application, move to the second part to submit your application.

Second part – Submit your application.
1. Forward the Google Forms response email (which shows your responses) to by midnight of the deadline date
2. Your application will be sent to your building administrator for approval and then to our grant committee for review
3. Committee will notify you with decision within 6 weeks of deadline

Questions? Please contact: Jennifer Lockett

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High-Level Summary of Project: 3 to 4 sentences summarizing the overall project for spreadsheets and marketing materials (500 characters or less)
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Project Description: Please describe your project in as much detail as possible. Be sure to include a brief description of plans and activities for your project.
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Educational Research and Student Goals: How does your project help your students learn? Refer to SOLs or educational research that supports that.
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Evaluation: How will you know if the objectives have been met? How will the outcomes be measured?
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Dissemination: Would your project be of value to other educators? How would you share your ideas? (Sharing your project idea could include things such as school events, social media, school division meetings, conferences, etc...)
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List Items, Quantity, Cost (ex. iPads/3/$150)- Use a different line for each requested item.
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Total amount requested:
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If your total project cost exceeds this grant request, please describe how the additional funds will be obtained. If unable to raise all funds and project is not completed, HEF grant funds awarded must be repaid.
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Special Instructions:
After you hit submit, this application will be e-mailed to you . E-mail will show your answers and you can edit again if necessary from link in e-mail. Once you are happy with your application, you need to forward the Google Forms email (which shows your responses) to Be sure to do this before the deadline! At that point, the grant review committee will route your application to your building administrator for approval. By signing this and forwarding your application, you confirm that you have discussed this project with your appropriate building administrator who has agreed to support the program if grant funds are awarded.
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