YFoEE Communications Strategy Survey
*Please complete by 28th Feb!*

YFoEE is creating a new communications strategy which will determine the work of the communications working group until 2022. We would greatly appreciate your honest feedback and thoughts on our current and future work.

The communications working group is made up of volunteers and supported by YFoEE staff. We attempt to source content from the network as much as possible and help groups to create videos, blogs and other content.

When we say external communications we are referring to our social media channels (instagram, twitter, facebook), flickr, website, press and media work.

By internal communications we are referring to our email lists, online calls, skype groups, facebook groups and whatsapp groups.

*Please feel free to respond in your own language and let us know if you need any questions translated by emailing kwhitaker@foe.scot*

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YoungFoEE/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Young_FoEE
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/youngfoee/
Website: http://www.foeeurope.org/yfoeen

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Are you from a YFoE group? If so, which group? *
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How represented do you or/and your group feel by current YFoEE comms? (Internal and external)
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Describe the relationship between your member group and the rest of the network (other member groups, staff, comms wg). How could this be improved by internal/external communications?
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Do you feel that YFoEE’s mission, vision and values are represented in the organisation’s comms work?
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What do you think about YFoEE's use of images and symbols? For example photos used, the manifesto graphics and logos.
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Currently YFoEE communicates mostly in English, but has recently been trying to include more translations. Do you think YFoEE should diversify language use? If so, which languages and how?
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What are three things that you would recommend or change about YFoEE Comms in the next four years?
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*BONUS QUESTION* For the philosophers out there: What do you think the central goal of YFoEE's communication should be?
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Would you like to add anything else?
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