Sales Representative Application
As ShuleSoft, We're growing fast, transforming our education sector, impacting our community and that means there's endless opportunity for you to do the same by joining our team and impact the world with skills that you have

Kindly fill this application form and carefully observe details and descriptions so you can provide accurate answer
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What program did you take ?
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How many years of experience in sales do you have ?
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which means did you use to find this application
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What do you prefer and expect to do in the future?
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Which method of sales do you prefer most to do and your expert on doing it?
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For how long do you wish to do ShuleSoft Sales and providing sales services to our company?
Sales Presentation *
How many times have you prepared and present Sales Presentation?
System Demonstration *
How many times have you performed system demonstration? ( Showing how system operates to customers )
Software *
Which software have you ever use and you're expert on it
Key area of competence *
Specify you key area of competence
The best in making Followup
Aggressive, confident, bold in sales
Good in marketing and sales research
Love to do sales
Able to work and cooperate with a time
Fluent in English Language
Knowledge in Internet technology eg emails,website,CRM,excel
Good in organizing meeting and events
Monthly Salary *
Marketing mix 4'Ps *
The following are marketing mix tool, EXCEPT
Scope of Sales *
How far can you sales ShuleSoft services?
Computer *
Do you have your own computer i.e Laptop,tablet,Ipad ? Please specify by writing "Yes" or "No"
Last Sale *
When is the last time you did sale activities?
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