Társadalmi Jövőképesség - Egy új tudományterület bemutatkozása A REGISZTRÁCIÓ HATÁRIDEJE: 2018. június 6. 12:00
Dear Visitor!

We are pleased that you have shown interest in our conference (22-24 March 2018) and by coming to our online registration system.
Below you can find the entire program.
For further details, please visit our website here: http://socialfuturing.com/storage/uploads/Events/SFC_ConNext_2050_Conference_Final_Program.pdf

Participation is free but REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

Please, register for those opening reception, main day sessions and/or workshops which you would like to attend.
Please contact our colleagues with any further inquiries you may have (lili.meszaros@socialfuturing.com or szidonia.nagy@socialfuturing.com).

We would like to inform you that only a limited number of participants can register for the programs (25 for the opening reception, 60 for the conference on the 23rd of March and 25 for each of the workshops).
Due to the limited availability of seats, early registration is strongly recommended to ensure your successful registration. When all seats are filled, you will be put on a waiting list.

Best regards,
the Members of the Social Futuring Center

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