Music Department Key Box Student Access Authorization

To Receive Access:

1) You must be a Music Major and/or currently enrolled in music classes to receive Key Box Access and PAC after-hour passes.

2) You must have paid the $30 insurance fee (fee paid each semester).

3) You must have a current Wildcat ID Card.

You are responsible for your access card and the key you have checked out. Please be responsible and follow the rules. The Key Box is monitored so please make sure that you follow the rules and are considerate to other users.
Students who do not will lose their access and may be subject to other disciplinary actions.

Key Box Rules:

1) You must meet the above qualifications and obtain a Key Box Access Card from the Music Department.

2) Only one card will be issued per student.

3) Students will be issued access only to rooms they are authorized to use (permission to use the grand piano practice rooms and the percussion rooms can only be granted by the piano and percussion faculty).

4) Students are not allowed to trade their cards with another card user.

5) Students cannot allow another student or individual to utilize their card.

6) Students are not allowed to check out a key for another student or individual.

7) Students may not check out more than one key at a time from the key box.

8) Students are not allowed to checkout a key for the day, week, month, semester, or year. Users who hold onto their key for an extended period will lose their access and may be subject to other disciplinary actions.

If your card is lost or stolen, you must report it immediately. Replacement fee is $100, regardless.

How to Use the Key Box:

1) Slide your access card.

2) Select a key from the lighted hooks and close the box.

3) After you have used the practice room, you must lock it before returning the key.

4) Repeat step #1 and return the key to the hook you took it from and lock it into the box by turning it and close the door.

VERY IMPORTANT: Keys that are not locked into the box upon return will show as still being utilized. If another user selects the same key and it is lost, you are responsible for it, as it was not properly returned when you first checked it out.

You must return your Key Box Access Card by noon the Friday of finals week (every semester). Students who still have cards checked out will have holds placed on their record until they have returned their card or they will be asked to pay the $100 replacement fee.

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