SMS Summit Learning - Student Readiness Survey
Directions: This survey was constructed for families and students interested in participating in the Summit Learning program at Saline Middle School. Please take this survey together and have discussions with your child on each item to gauge his/her readiness. Select the rating scale item appropriate for each question asked. The very last question addresses if you feel your child is ready or not to participate in this type of learning environment.
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What grade will student be entering next school year (Fall 2018)? *
Please answer the statements below to the best of your child's ability using the provided scale. *
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I can set realistic goals for myself to help guide my learning
I can be in charge of my learning daily and stay on task
I can work at my own pace for a length of time
I can use a variety of digital resources to apply to a project
I can be honest about my progress and am comfortable talking to adults
I can work collaboratively with a group of my peers
I can accept the feedback given by my teacher & my peers and act on it
I can come to school regularly and if I miss school, I can complete my missed work in a timely fashion
I can properly use technology for classroom learning, communication and project work
After completing the survey, would you like your child to be enrolled in this type of learning environment for the 2018-19 school year? *
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