Host/Volunteer Interest Form
If you are interested in learning more about being a Host and/or a Volunteer for our Host Home Program, please fill out the below information and the Program Coordinator, KC Buchanan (they, them, theirs), will reach out to you shortly.
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Please describe your race/ethnicity
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Are you seeking to be a Host, a Volunteer, or Both?
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If you are interested in being a Host, please tell us how many folx live in your home (including children and pets)
If you are interested in being a Host, do you have a spare bedroom/living space that is furnished and bathroom access to offer to Host Home clients?
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Please explain your interest in being a Host or Volunteer with the Host Home Program...we always need both, and in particular, are looking for folx who are Black, Brown, Queer, and/or Trans to be Hosts. We are also very interested in Volunteers wishing to assist in Host Outreach and/or to offer any magical skills you possess. Tell us more, below.
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