ACCESS Postgraduate Student Database
Please register you details here if you wish to be listed on the ACCESS potential postgraduate database. Once on the database your name will be put forward to ACCESS researchers as and when funding/research project opportunities arise. Please include your permanent e-mail address rather than a temporary university based one.
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7B. What were your major and your GRADES in your last awarded degree?
Please ensure to include the information about your grades as well as what the majors were as supervisors will request this information
8. Field/domaine of ESS research
9. Abstract of your last thesis (if applicable)
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Please tell us a little bit about why you want to pursue post graduate studies in this field. What motivates you and what would you offer a potential supervisor. This is your chance to let us know a little bit more about you. Word limit = 500.
16. Sharing of data *
In order to make the most effective use of this data, we will need to share it with researchers and PIs who award bursaries to students and/or who work with others who do so. Please indicate that you agree to give ACCESS permission to share your data at our discretion, as and when we believe it will be in your interests to do so. Note that we will be explicit that this data is used for the purposes described only and should not be misused (e.g. for spam). We cannot however be held responsible should a third party misuse the date held here.
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