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NOTE: Please check the Events and Meetings calendar page to check that the hands-on-session you want to attend is definitely scheduled to happen - whilst they run most weekends there are odd occasions when they are cancelled.

Our hands-on sessions typically last 30 minutes or up to one hour (or more!) depending on the tasks required to be carried out at the time. We will have special events timetabled a few weeks in advance (e.g. swarm control, varroa treatment etc) but mostly you will witness and take part in standard beekeeping practice. This may involve a full inspection of the colony or may just consist of taking a quick look from the outside to see if the bees are flying. It all depends on the time of year and the weather.

Bee suits are available for participants - sizes available: children, medium, large. Please bring clean wellies or boots to protect your ankles and kitchen gloves for your hands.
Charge: £5/adult, free for children under 16 (must be accompanied by paying parent or guardian) and free for members of SBKA. The charge goes towards laundry costs and the replacement cost of suits.

Please make sure you book your session on line otherwise the apiary manager might decide to go at a different time or may not have a bee suit for you if you need one.

Please be aware that bees can sting when disturbed by loud noises or vibrations or even because they just feel grumpy due to the weather. You should take care not to bump into the hives.

Please let us know if you are organising a party of visitors - adults or children.

You can write to us at info@sheffieldbeekeepers.org.uk

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