Presale for "Luna, Yes! Luna, Sí!" by Jessica Gonzalez
Please fill out this form to pre-purchase "Luna, Yes! Luna, Sí!" for $12/each (this is at a discount from $14 price). Books will be printed in July 2019.

While the world may not understand Luna, her sister Cassie knows her better than anyone. She knows Luna's favorite food, her favorite song, and her favorite dance move. Luna knows how to make Cassie laugh and her favorite ice cream. They may not be able to share secrets like some siblings, but they share something far more important-- a sister bond.

"Luna, Yes/Luna, Sí" is a bilingual children's book about Cassie and Luna's loving, and sometimes challenging, sibling relationship. Cassie's narration and Luna's responses highlight some behaviors that can be typical for people with high needs on the autism spectrum.

A portion of the proceeds will go to non-profits that help people of various ages who have autism.

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