Application Form - Évora 2018
1. Personal information
1.1 Member n.º (CPCOE)
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1.2 Member of the following collectors club
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1.3 Phone number
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1.4 Name
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1.5 Address
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1.6 E-mail
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2. Companions
2.1 Companion person 1 (name)
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2.2 Companion person 2 (name)
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2.3 Companion person 3 (name)
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2.4 Companion person 4 (name)
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3. Accommodation
3.1 Accommodation
Participants can sleep in the Salesians/AEP headquarters (bring mattress and sleeping bag); Symbolic cost of € 1/night
3.2 Accommodation (cantoning)
Number of persons for cantoning
4. Meals
Meals on "Monte Alentejano" cost € 7 per person (soup,plate, fruit or sweet, drink and coffee) | List the meals you wish to reserve. At the meeting place, within the Arena, the Évora Scouts Groups will offer 2 bars with snacks - sandwiches, coffee, drinks, cakes andregional products during all day (including breakfast). These amounts are not included in the cost of registration.
5. Arrival to the Meeting/Events
6.1 Exhibition pieces
6.2 Exhibition (extra tables)
Each table has about 1m2 | extra tables will cost 8 € each | please, how many extra tables do you want?
7. Meeting/Event
In which event do you intent to participate?
8. Registration Payment
Please, tell us how do you pretend to pay your registration:
EuroScout 2018 - for participants only
The following fields are specific for the participants in the EuroScout 2018
9. Title of the exhibit
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10. Short description of the exhibit
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11. Category
My Scout & Guide related exhibit belongs to the following category:
12. Frames
Frames dimension: 1,00 m Width x 1,20 m Heigth | 1 frame = 16 Sheet’s (4x4)
12.1 Sheet format :
Please tell us the sheet format (width x height)
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12.2 Number of sheets per frame:
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12.3 Number of frames:
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12.4 Observations:
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Information about the exhibition
This EuroScout show will not be competitive | The organization will not accept the sending of collections by mail. They must be transported in person by the participant or his agent. The organization of the event assumes no responsibility for losses or damages that may occur in any of the exhibits, before, during and after the meeting / exhibition, and it is the responsibility of the participants, if they wish, to carry out insurance for the collection(s) in order to guarantee any damages or losses. The Organizing Committee will make every effort to ensure that adequate measures are in place to monitor and care for exposed materials.
13. Exhibition
13.1 Class
13.2 The Exhibit has formerly beenexhibited ?
13.3 Acceptance of the regulations
Organization Committee Contacts:
> Vítor Gonçalves (+351 962 345 970) -
> Paulo Seixas (+351 932 276 372) -
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