Mental Health Professionals We Can Trust
In today's fast paced times, as stress levels increase formal and informal mechanisms of seeking support have become crucial to achieve complete well-being. As a society we are starting to notice the need to have a conversation about mental health. This in turn, has led to a greater acceptance to seeking professional help from mental health professionals. Different mental health services are trying to cater to the mental health needs of the country in various capacities. Due to the lack of a directory of mental health services, often, when seeking mental health services it may become difficult for individuals may not know whom to approach. One may also not be sure if the service is a credible one. As a result, individuals may be scared to seek the help they need due to lack of familiarity and their fears about being exploited.

This is an attempt to create a directory of mental health professionals who provide good quality services which are affordable, ethical and non-judgmental through the collective wisdom of people who may themselves have visited these professionals or know of somebody who has visited these professionals. There may be mental health professionals who, if consulted at the right time, can help individuals cope better and make their distress much more manageable.

Thus, if you have had a positive experience with a mental health professional, we would encourage you to fill this form and share your experience. This will help someone else who needs a referral.

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