Southern Utah University Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business Graduate Tuition Waiver Application (MAcc | MBA | MSBA)
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What is a Graduate Tuition Waiver? .... Graduate tuition waiver recipients are selected each year by the Dixie L. Leavitt School of Business Graduate and Scholarship Committee. The amount of partial tuition waiver to be granted will be determined yearly depending on available funds and the recommendation of the Committee.To qualify for a Graduate Tuition Waiver:Students must be admitted into the MAcc, MBA or MSBA programBe enrolled in classes full time (at least 9 graduate credit hours) for the semester applied for. IE. Students must be registered for 9 credits in the Fall if submitting an application for consideration for a Fall semester tuition waiver. | Fall Semester: Applications open on January 1 and are due by April 15 for consideration | Spring Semester: Applications open on August 1 and are due by November 15 for consideration | Summer Semester: Waivers are not available for consideration for Summer semesters *
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