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Scores: Did the other team......
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1) Understand the Rules *
Understand the rules or show willingness to learn and kept to time limits?
2) Play the game appropriately? *
Avoid fouling, contact, and dangerous plays?
3) Call the game appropriately? *
Inform teammates about wrong/unnecessary calls or only called significant breaches?
4) Act positively? *
Play with appropriate intensity and leave a positive impression?
5) Communicate respectfully? *
Communicate respectfully with their team and yours?
Prepare to be ready to play at game time? *
Game times are 6:15pm for both divisions, 7:25p for div 2 and 7:30p for div 1
Make an effort to demonstrate spirit?
Did they play a spirit game? Were they fun to play against? Did they bring you food!? Did you get a lot of high fives?
Please provide comments for why the other team had great spirit or any NO responses *
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